Instead of an Introduction

“Ippikin, Ippikin, keep away with your long chin.”


The great American critic and socialist Irving Howe once observed that “when intellectuals can do nothing else they start a magazine.” We who live in more technologically advanced and more individualistic times* would presumably replace the word ‘magazine’ with ‘blog’. Thus, ‘Ippikin’, an intellectual blog named with oh-so-predictable irony for a Medieaval brigand.

Although the word ‘blog’ probably gives the wrong impression. Far too… serious is clearly the wrong word, but I’ll run with it anyway. Far too serious. I am doing this largely for my own amusement. If anyone else reads and enjoys this that will be pleasant, but it is not at all essential.

*Less self-aware too, despite the absolute triumph of postmodern irony in most cultural spheres. Howe recognised the essential futility of running an intellectual magazine; it is rare for those who run intellectual blogs to voice the identical truth that applies to them and their digital endeavours.

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