Panzergirl launches new offensive

Was I the only one to notice that one of the BBC News Channel’s newsreaders seemed slightly too pleased when reading out news of Great Electoral Triumph for the forces of French Fascism yesterday? Let us hope it was for entirely unrelated reasons.


I thought it might be an idea to compare results in towns where the FN won with how they polled in the last legislatives. List of towns taken from Le Monde. First figure is yesterday, second is the legislatives.

Hénin-Beaumont – 50.2%, 48.2%
Béziers – 44.9%, 21.2%
Saint-Gilles – 42.6%, 48.4%
Fréjus – 40.3%, 28.0%
Tarascon – 39.2%, 39.8%
Forbach – 35.7%, 25.3%
Perpignan – 34.2%, 24.4%
Beaucaire – 32.8%, 33.0%
Avignon – 29.6%, 22.1%
Digne-les-Bains – 27.7%, 13.4%

And another branch of the same ghastly tree:

Orange – 59.8%, 44.0%
Bollène – 49.3%, 23.8%

Feel free to root around for silver linings.

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