The Greatest Show on Earth

Only in India can a political party with a name like the Revolutionary Socialist Party of Kerala (Bolshevik) be found in an electoral alliance led and dominated by a quasi-fascist party that is also tres pro-capitalism. If that doesn’t make you take an interest in Indian politics, then nothing will.

Anyway, I recently made a map of the last Indian General Election:


I will also make one – well, at least one, of the current one when it’s all done and dusted. Significantly more orange is widely predicted,* which would be regrettable. Much more fun would be lots more in the way of electoral crazy paving.

*And quite clearly wanted, both the Indian and international media having decided that Modi might indeed be a mass murderer but that He Will Make The Trains Run On Time, and that therefore who cares about the occasional pogrom? When questioned this argument tends to evolve into genuinely impressive feats of whataboutery.

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