Professional Standards

Writing in today’s Grauniad about the Premier League’s entirely unsurprising decision not to censure its chief executive for being a knob,* David Conn makes the following observation-cum-argument:

“Premier League HQ, dominated by Richard Scudamore, has long presented and thought of itself as the ultimate modern, professional, corporate operation, but Scudamore’s sub-adolescent email exchange, for which the league said yesterday that “no further disciplinary action is required or justified”, has revealed a body which falls rather short of that ideal.”

While he’s obviously correct to draw attention to the staggering hypocrisy of Premier League HQ over this (and just about everything else, probably), I think he’s wrong to suggest that cravenly circling wagons around a senior figure accused of doing something rather less then creditable is anything other than absolutely in keeping with the values of your average ‘modern, professional, corporate operation.’

*This would appear to be the technically correct term. Incidentally, and this strikes me as a not unimportant side-issue here, what sort of person outside 1950s America uses the word ‘broads’ without irony?

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