Who writes this nonsense?

I do, of course.

Will that do?


Oh all right. My actual name is Alun Ephraim (I would guess that there’s a 95% chance that you can’t pronounce that correctly: I won’t hold it greatly against you), I am (oh dear) studying for a PhD and I currently live in Shropshire. I also paint a bit. The point and purpose of this little corner of the interwebs are vaguely hinted at here, in the unlikely event that you should, for whatever reason, be curious about that matter. In the future there will be, I think, less posts and more pages.

You can find me on the twittersphere at twitter.com/alunephraim

Ippikin, by the way, is a not terribly pleasant figure from Shropshire folklore. I grew up in the Apedale, just underneath Wenlock Edge, so, you know.

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